“1 year, 4 months.
My hormones are balancing 🎉 🥳
After 14 years of birth control and 3 years of chronic dieting and stress from competing and NO menstrual cycle I was worried ny body wouldn’t know to produce it’s own progesterone 😞
The body is SMART and RESILIENT. And capable is so much if you give it the space and support to heal.
Over the last 16 months I have worked really hard to tune into what my body needed which was more rest and more SPACE to do its thing. Often times people ask me “how did you know to stop exercising?” “How did you know what to eat?” Your body will tell your EXACTLY what to do. You just have to listen.
I started utilizing therapies from @performancebodyworkpdx like #photobiomodulation and #PEMF

I went to Costa Rica and decreased all my main stressors in life. I reduced my expenses, my training and any other physical stress and any relationships that’s weren’t serving me. I started meditating, breathing, yoga, spending time in nature and I ate papaya until I turned orange.
(A complete 180 from my typical yang personality. No this wasn’t easy, but ask yourself, if it’s not feeling good or making you sick… WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?)
And lastly the final piece, I hired a practitioner (after seeing many) and my last hope (no pressure 🤣) @tayloredwellbeing .
Because of Taylor I’ve been able to provide my body with next level support and balancing of these intricate systems. My labs today weren’t “perfect” but they have vastly improved in all the right directions which more importantly I feel in my body and mind.
If you’re currently struggling with #hpaaxisdysregulation / #adrenalfatigue , #leakygut or any other health issues…. Please let my sharing be a reminder that healing is possible in our own time!!
Between the photos I’ve lost 10 lbs (7 of which which happened in the last 6 weeks) and 3.5 inches off my each of thighs and 4 inches down in my midsection 😳
For the first time in two years my body is finally regaining its footing and feeling stable. I couldn’t be more elated! Thank you for celebrating with me! 💕”

Body rejects breast implants-gains 20lbs. Buys new clothes as to not feel like busted can of biscuits.
removes implants-loses 10lbs. Buys all new clothes again.
Starts healing gut caused by rejecting implants-loses another 10lbs. New clothes no longer fit.
(Best problem ever, but this shit is expensive yo)





I always knew when it was coming because I’d get a horrible headache, I’d be cranky and bloated for a week and just feel miserable.

I can say in all seriousness it’s a non event anymore.

I noticed, regularly these days that I no longer identify with the woman that was routinely bloated, suffered from migraines, and had severe cramping with her cycle

Such a great change!

It’s also important to recognize that not all changes are external, though I can definitely see a lot.

This year has been one of healing and internal change more than anything. And the fact that I’ve maintained my weight while also enjoying plenty of family events? I’d call that a win.



Thankful for finding TayloredWellBeing.
We’ve been working together since May and she has brought Meg back; we are not done quite yet but the progress we have made is crazy!
And to think I was going to trust my doctors, natropaths, etc. that I had sought out before her.
With her I made the choice to find a NEW endocronologist who treated my needs CORRECTLY and my health condition, who listened to me say I want OFF meds not to be on more.
Taylor helped me to get to the bottom of my health issues the last 17 months and as of Friday (11/8/19) i’ll be taking my life back.
Whether you believe in breast implant illness and various auto-immune diseases I can assure you IDFC.
Listen to your body. The proof is there. All of it. Make excuses all you want. I won’t.


Damn the truth really comes out when you take your clothes off for the Internet 😳

This #detoxprotocol was prescribed and tailored to me by my health practitioner @tayloredwellbeing not found on the Internet.
▫️overall reduction in total body inflammation.
▫️more defined quads.
▫️flatter stomach and abs peaking through.
▫️smaller waist, smaller thighs, smaller back, perkier glutes.
▫️smoother skin tone.
▫️scale weight went from 156.8 to 151 in three weeks- no #macrotracking or excessive cardio— just the right foods and portions to fuel my body (let’s keep that going 👏🏼)
▫️increase in natural energy and the desire to do more and be more present in my life.
▫️I can move better with little to no pain and soreness in my muscles and joints which means #recovery is better.
▫️my digestion has improved, my bloating has decreased immensely, and my bowel habits have done a 180° (we are 💩’ing goooood).
I’d be lying if I said ‘it’s not about the #weightloss ‘
I started this #healingjourney to in fact, HEAL my body so I can feel my best but yea I want to drop some lbs. in the process and it’s kind of inevitable when you are on a restrictive protocol as well.
But what’s nice about this type of #weightlossjourney is that it’s a restorative one- it’s a journey that will take my body back START by rebuilding my #microbiome in a way so it can handle anything and everything I throw at it!
So let’s get phase ✌🏼under way because I still have a long way to go before I reach my new starting point!


In February I started my journey with @tayloredwellbeing after YEARS of being uncomfortable. I had test after test show that “something” was fighting in my body but no doctor seemed clear what was happening and I was offered zero solution. After watching and knowing I needed to talk to Taylor for months I took the leap. And while I might have complained a lot 😋 it was one of my best decisions.

Its amazing to realize just how bad I felt before when I know how GOOD I feel now! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

I’ve reached the lowest weight I’ve been in nearly a year!
The first time I stepped on a scale to realize this it was coincidentally on the day I started my period!
Speaking of my period. I’ve noticed significant improvements as it is now common to get ZERO cramps ZERO bloating!!! I’ve even seen a reduction in my migraines l!

This is JAN – May 4th  I wanted to thank you because if I hadn’t contacted u i think i would of still be stuck… I weighed in again this morning at my lowest weight 153 19% body fat with my muscle going up…I didn’t realize how much my body had changed in 4 months!


Taylor, I am trusting the process! I like knowing the hows and whys so I appreciate you walking through my questions.
I realized today it’s only day TEN!
I KNOW this is not primarily about physical changes but man does it feel good to notice external changes.

It makes me feel like things are working which in the grand scheme of TEN DAYS is truly incredible.

I’m new to this health regimen thing.
Discipline is something I’m good at when I know I’ll get results.
The external validation absolutely helps in the short term


Progress pics showing Day 1 to Day 21. I’m down 10 lbs, inflammation is gone (I still have some work to do), but what you can’t see in the pics is that my brain energy and more confidence in myself. I have healthier eating habits and I’m down from 5 cups of coffee to only 1 and that nightly glass or two of wine thought I needed as my reward for accomplishing the day is no longer needed (or craved). Thank you Taylor!!!



 I am so glad I took these photos because I didn’t think things were happening. These are 10 weeks apart; I lost a total of 17.5 inches and 3 lbs; crazy only pounds but a foot and a half 


Just wanted to show you these photos… first two are from detox day 1 and the last two are from today, detox day 10! Crazy stuff!


I can’t believe I got this far, I have tried everything else and here we are!


These Results Are Amazing I feel incredible!!

I just feel better, better with sleep, better with my nutrition. 


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