Where Will Your Integrative Health Journey Begin?

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Get everything you need to uncover the root cause of your symptoms, take control of your health, & heal your body from the inside out.


Test Kit & Consultation

A comprehensive health screening that goes far beyond what most modern doctors test for, to uncover what’s really happening beneath the surface. Get a deep-dive examination of your hormone levels, so you can understand what might be contributing to symptoms like chronic fatigue, cycle disruption, weight fluctuation, anxiety, and more.


  • Full-spectrum test kit that goes beyond the labs most doctors look at, to uncover deeper-seated problems that many standard medical tests miss entirely.
  • 90-minute deep-dive consultation with me, so we can understand what your numbers mean & develop a clear plan for getting your health back on track.
  • Walk away with the knowledge, resources, and confidence you need to finally start working towards a long-term health solution.
Taylored Well Being | Holistic Medicine | Holistic Practitioner | Taylor Sappington
Taylored Well Being | Holistic Medicine | Holistic Practitioner | Taylor Sappington


  1. 1 – 1 Coaching
  2. In order to get and remain well you need to have an understanding of healing, the perfection of your body, the healing expressions you are experiencing through your symptoms, why they are appropriate, and how to change them.
  3. It is essential to understand and find steps to facilitate the action required to free you – this isn’t always diet, lifestyle, movement, or detoxification.
  4. Exploration of how to strategically create a sustainable lifestyle that fits your needs while still supporting healing.
  5. This is not a one size fits all process. It has to be tailored to you and your daily life in order to be truly effective.
  6. We work together to create what you desire in your life and body. Your actions will have to match your goals.
  7. If you are interested in taking your understanding of health back to the basics (literally, the basics) and building from there, click here for our application and touch base!