How I Went From Death’s Doorstep, To Helping Hundreds Of Women Take Their Health Into Their Own Hands

My name’s Taylor Sappington—Integrative Health Practitioner, founder of Taylored Wellbeing, host of the Taylored Talks podcast, and creator of the Taylored Transition Coaching Program.

But before all that… There was desperation. 

Months of excruciating pain. Dozens of confusing, frustrating doctors appointments. Countless blood draws that went nowhere. 

A formerly healthy, active 20-something, I’d been pummeled by a herd of severe, unpredictable, and seemingly out-of-the-blue health issues. I felt like a stranger in my own body. My energy was gone, my confidence shattered… And no one—not even the supposed “experts” in modern medicine—could tell me what the hell had just happened. 


Doctors, Diets, & A Thousand Wrong Turns…

My story starts with a sudden spike of inexplicable, chronic pain. I was in my early 20s when out of the blue, my body turned against me.

In a matter of a few short months, I went from totally normal, to unable to sleep, move, or recognize my own hive-covered face in the mirror.

Panicked, I did what most of us would do in that situation. I went to my doctor.

Just as confused as I was, the medical team drew some blood… Ran some tests… And got back results that truly shocked me to my core.

Your blood work looks normal,” They said. “Have you tried eating healthier and working out?”

To say I was completely appalled would be the understatement of the year.

How could THIS—the total lack of energy, the horrifically swollen feet, the sudden onset of anxiety and OCD-like symptoms—possibly register as “normal” with my doctors?

Furious, I sought a second opinion—and was met with the same response. I went to an endocrinologist. Nothing. A panel of specialists. Nothing. 

As a former registered dietician, I KNEW there was no way my symptoms were a product of needing to cut carbs or hit the gym. But as appointment after appointment and month after month passed me by with no relief… I could feel my body shutting down. 

My adulthood had only barely begun—but in the face of this sharp physical and mental decline, I knew it couldn’t continue on much longer.

I was engaged in a vicious fight for my life. And I was losing.

One day, I tried to pry myself from my bed and realized that the simple act of standing up had become almost impossible.

Filled with rage and resolve, I made a commitment then and there: I was done trusting the modern medical machine with my body. I would find my own answers. Over the course of several more months of slow progress, I learned:

>> How to detox my body and restore balance to my internal systems, without having to “go on a diet”

>> How to fight the symptoms that were wrecking my life with 100% natural, holistic wellness methods.

>> How to decode the messages my body was sending me, speak the language, & uncover the root causes behind the pain, chronic fatigue, swelling, and brain fog


Eventually, I realized: I was suffering from not just one, but MULTIPLE debilitating disorders including…

  • Hashimoto’s
  • Hypothyroidism
  • IBS
  • Lyme Disease
  • Mold and Mycotoxicity
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Breast Implant Illness

That was the key that unlocked my path forward…

As my body began to heal itself, my thirst for knowledge became unquenchable. I knew I couldn’t be the only woman out there feeling this way.

How many others had been told they were crazy? Psychosomatic? That it was all in their head?

How many others were suffering with undetectable, inexplicable illnesses and forced to go through life wondering… Is this my new reality??

Not on my watch. 

My strength renewed and my spirit unbreakable, I took dramatic action.

I kept building on my newfound knowledge & became a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner. I started a business helping other women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired…

Over the years, I’ve developed a flourishing online wellness practice comprised of passionate wellness experts who understand the importance of believing women when they tell us something is off.

I’ve become known as a leading Integrative Health expert.

But even more importantly, I’ve gotten to be there for hundreds of women on the day when—after months or even years of feeling completely disconnected to their bodies—they were able to look through the tears in their eyes and say…

“I got my life back. You listened to me. And now, my body is healing.”

I’ve shown women of all ages, stages, and walks of life how they can take their health into their own hands, learn their body’s unique language, and start decoding their symptoms…

…So they can heal from the inside out & feel like THEMSELVES again—but even better than before. 

Ready to take your big stand and take your health into your own hands?

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I’m not going to ask whether any of this resonates with you. If you’ve read this far, I know you saw a little piece of yourself in my story. And you may be wondering…

What does it take to overcome these challenges & get to the other side?

You’re here because you want ANSWERS. 

You’re sick of being passed off, ignored, criticized, questioned, belittled, and forgotten. 

You’re done with wondering whether your body will “let you” enjoy meaningful moments with the people you love or participate in activities that bring meaning to your life. 

You’re where I was on that day I couldn’t get out of bed. You’re angry, but you’re determined. You’re scared, but you’re not broken. 

And for the first time in months—you’re feeling like maybe, just maybe, someone really does get what you’ve been dealing with. 

By reading this far, you’ve proven that you’re willing to make a change. You just want to make sure you’re making the RIGHT changes to actually see some improvement this time. 

And feel confident that you’re on the road to lifelong recovery, alignment, and full-body healing.


A Little About Me


  • The ocean is my church and the surfboard is my pew  
  • I’m an enneagram 8 and a Gemini (both Sun Sign and moon)—thus, I’m an extremely-introverted-on-occasion extrovert. 
  • I competed in fitness and figure competitions from 17-21 and was the youngest to compete in the NPC Monica Brant Fitness Division  
  • I was featured in Muscle and Fitness at the age of 18 representing the college athlete in the fitness world. 
  • I can’t stand the cold, awkward silence of shallow conversation.

“Your body is trying to communicate with you. Our job is to translate the language.”